Harley-Davidson Manifold Pressure Tester


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Intake manifold leaks cause all manner of running problems—”hanging” idle, hard- or no-start conditions, difficult tuning, and in extreme scenarios, burnt valves and pistons, and the Harley-Davidson port design left a lot to be desired. The definitive test for intake manifold leaks is by placing the manifold under pressure or vacuum. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, but this tester is probably the most painless. Simply remove your carburetor and install this test tool with the appropriate gasket. (Gasket and hardware not included.) Apply constant, regulated air pressure of 10-15 PSI from an open air chuck, and spray the manifold with leak detection fluid or plain ol’ soapy water. If you’ve got leaks, you’ll see ’em. The bubbles don’t lie! Made in USA of stainless steel.


  • 2-Bolt unit: All stock 1966-2006 Harley-Davidson Big Twin and Sportster intake manifolds. Will also fit any manifold that accepts S&S Super B or E carburetors.
  • 3-Bolt unit: All stock 1936-1939 Harley-Davidson E models (small-port Knuck) and 1937-1948 U (sidevalve) models. Also appropriate for any other motorcycle utilizing the larger 3-bolt Linkert carburetor and manifold assembly.
  • 4-Bolt unit: All stock 1940-1965 Harley-Davidson E and F models. (big-port Knuck and all Pan) Also appropriate for any other motorcycle utilizing a 4-bolt Linkert carburetor and manifold assembly.

2-Bolt, 3-Bolt, 4-Bolt


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