Four Speed Transmission Work Stand/Jig


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If you’re repairing or rebuilding a four-speed and you don’t have a good work stand, you’re going to chase the case all over the work bench and probably damage the fine threads on the case studs. This jig attaches to the bottom of your trans with the factory mounting hardware and slips easily into the jaws of your vise. The trans is at the convenient height of your vise and it stays put as you work. This stand is made in America of beefy 5/16″ steel. It costs a bit more, but you also won’t bend it the first time you remove or install a sprocket. Factory torque specs are 120 ft.-lbs for many sprocket nuts. Do you really want the thin offshore jig flexing away with your cherished hand-jammer in it? Of course not. That’s why this carries our lifetime warranty: this tool won’t break for as long as you’re alive. If it does in the course of normal use, Pangor Cycles will replace it for free, shipping included.


  • Weld-your-own: Save a few bucks! This jig ships in two pieces; you’ll locate the speed-holed coupon in the corresponding slot in the trans bracket, square it up, weld it, and coat it if you so desire.
  • Welded and painted: This jig comes welded and painted with a very cursory coat of black paint to keep the rust off. Your tool’s finish will deteriorate over time; occasional respraying will keep it looking its best and keep rust away.


  • Can be used on all Harley-Davidson Big Twin divorced transmissions 1936-1984 (“ratchet top” & “rotary top”)

I'll weld my own, Welded and painted

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