Kneiss Rack Luggage Rack


If you're going far enough on your motorcycle, you need to bring some stuff. Instead of buying a dresser, try a Pangor Cycles Kneiss Rack. This rack sandwiches nicely between your triple tree and your risers, and offers just enough room for some tools, tent, or a bedroll.


The Kneiss Rack is precision laser-cut from 3/16" stainless steel and has a nondirectional tumbled finish. It's proudly made in the USA. The Kneiss Rack is rock-solid, and is very unobtrusive when unloaded — but it's so easy to install, you might just want to keep yours on a shelf for trips.

  • Fitment

    • Harley-Davidson hydraulic front ends from 1960 to present
    • 33.4mm, 35mm, 39mm, 41mm, and 49mm forks
    • Models with "eyebrows" or nacelles will require headlights to be relocated to the lower triple tree, and some models may require the relocation of other items
    • The Kneiss Rack can be used in conjunction with riser extensions and longer hardware for custom fitments Pangor Products recommends the use of equivalent-grade riser hardware that is 3/16" longer than your original hardware for all applications

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